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09-01-2012, 04:17 AM
Originally Posted by tmune View Post
Nerf a sci kit because it can be used to solo Armek? Does that not suggest that the boss is too easy?

for a scie player the boss is easy and can be dones solo that not says the boss is easy in groups with no scie it can end in a neverr ending fight what players leave finally.

i dont think scie is overpower only he can heal others are dead about no heal abillity.

the basic prob is in ground you have much to low skills if you compare it to space.
a tak have 4 dmg buffs what runs some sec, a eng can craft 3 turrets and scie have 3 heals, thats all what exist.

to remove heal skill from scie? what give him then turrets or a small dmg buff?