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09-01-2012, 05:00 AM
The company supporting Europe (sponsorpay, a German company based in Berlin, rather than peanut labs) seems to have a some questionable history.

In the communities of pretty much every game (e.g. need for speed, forge of empires etc...) they have supported, there seem to be the same problems people are having over here. Not paying out, no response from their support etc...

when typing in sponsorpay in my search engine, the auto-complete suggested "sponsorpay kritik", "sponsorpay betrug", "sponsorpay abzocke".

Also you really have to pay attention to the small print in some of the offers. Especially the Nielsen panel seems to collect some questionable Data about you, including your political and religious orientation, sex life, union membership, e-mail headers etc...

After checking the support site it seems there were about 7-8 surveys they hadn't paid up for, yet. I filled out the corresponding support tickets, and I hope they'll pay up. If not, I will contact my local consumer assistance office.

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