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*Deep Space 61, Diplomatic Wing, Conference Room 4. Captain Ryan Allington, General Torpal, General Worf, Admiral Soval, and Commander Toras all present.*

Ryan: Alright, Generals, you called this Conference. What's going on?

Torpal: A few hours ago, I got information from a very reliable source that may change the balance3 of power in this Quadrant. The House of Duras has been secretly working on a new vessel, trying to harness the Omega Frame used by the U.S.S. Possibility.

Soval: How do you know about the Possibility? That's supposed to be classified!

Ryan: Until it, practically single-handedly, took out an entire Borg Task Force in orbit of Earth. That's like the US trying to claim they didn't have nuclear weapons after dropping an A-Bomb on Hiroshima. Pointless, and an obvious lie.

Torpal: The House of Duras built the ship without the High Council's knowledge, and, Drex feels that they may intend to use it against the House of Martok.

Ryan: Isn't it usual for the Imperial Houses to built ships for their fleets without the permission of the High Council?

Torpal: That ship was completely off the books. No starship built in the Empire can be unregistered, or built without the High Council's knowledge. It's the law. While the House's don't necessarily need the approval to construct new vessels, the High Council must be informed of the intention. And, no House may build a new class of ship, or test new technologies, without the approval or observation of the High Council.

Ryan: So, what you're saying is, the House of Duras has cheesed the High Council off?

Torpal: Effectively.

Toras: A Klingon going renegade?! I thought I'd never see the day!

Worf: Watch your tongue, Romulan! I have no difference towards breaking your neck!

Ryan: General! Commander! Let's try to keep this civil, okay? Go on, Torpal.

Torpal: There has been much talk of genetic experimentation in the House of Duras. Many fear they're trying to build an army of Augments to overthrow the Empire!

Ryan: What does this have to do with the new ship?

Torpal: Klingon Intelligence believes that they're really trying to create Klingon New-types, to operate the frame.

Ryan: Can they do that?

Torpal: After B'vat's experiments, a lot of equipment was... misplaced... by Imperial inventory.

Toras: You mean, "Imperial Security was incompetent enough to allow someone to sneak out with vital, and technically illegal, genetic manipulation equipment"?

Ryan: Commander...

Torpal: Regrettably, the equipment appears to have found it's way into the hands of the House of Duras.

Ryan: This sounds a lot like an internal Klingon affair.

Torpal: As part of our treaty with your governments, I'm required to share any information about a potential threat to any of you.

Ryan: Point taken. Admiral Soval?

Soval: If the House of Duras is intent on ceasing control over the Empire, I suspect they'll head after the House of Martok first.

Worf: Precautions are already in place to protect the Chancellor. We've also increased surveillance on the House of Duras' Stronghold in the Doran Highlands.

Ryan: Well, I see nothing more we can do on that subject, so, if there's nothing else?

*The next few seconds are filled with silence*

Ryan: Then this meeting is adjourned. *As everyone but Torpal and Ryan exits the room, Ryan stands to leave*

Torpal: Wait, Captain. May I speak with you, in private?

Ryan: Computer, seal all entrances. No interruptions. Well?

Torpal: I didn't want to mention it in front of the Romulan, but, I understand your new Starship is equipped with a Cloaking Device?

Ryan: Yes. The Republic. Why?

Torpal: My informant. His name is Ja'rod.

Ryan: The leader of the House of Duras?

Torpal: He seems to have known nothing about the project until just prior to telling me about it. Now, he may have been truthful, or he may have been trying to throw suspicion on himself. Either way, no Klingon can get close enough to find out.

Ryan: I see where this is going.

Torpal: You saved Ja'rod's life once. According to tradition, he owes you a "Blood debt". You have an excellent opportunity to find out his motivations.

Ryan: And I'll take the Republic so I can monitor the new ship?

Torpal: Yes.

Ryan: *Sighs* I'll need clearance to enter Imperial Territory.

Torpal: Already done.

Ryan: Then I'll leave before the end of the day. Qapla', General.

Torpal: Qapla'!

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