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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
I think what your asking, would be like asking if the console that boosts shield capacity would be a set number so it would benefit escorts more thus making escorts tougher,

Cruisers are ment to be bulky and slow turning, if your play style is to be quick turning, then you need to modify your play style rather than the cruiser istelf ^^
I have to disagree, rather strongly; that's not like what I'm suggesting at all. Cruisers wouldn't be that maneuverable with an increase like this, and they would give up a tanking module to do so, thereby making them softer. It's not like I'm asking for a free turn rate increase, which is what the cruiser threads all suggest.

Second, I'm not trying to be 'quick turning'. An escort is a quick-turning ship; a cruiser never will be, without using abilities; I'm suggesting a change to a module that would help cruisers turn a little faster, at the expense of some of their tanking ability.

Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
It's mind-boggling that the CRUZER ONLY crowd would request absolute increases over relative increases. Well, selectively, obviously: can't have absolute increases in areas where it wouldn't benefit the CRUZER ONLY agenda.

Then again, that one learns to expect anything from that crowd.

Well, then the players you've spoken to are lacking in the same areas you are. It's not even a question of opinion: it literally gives the same boost to everyone. That's what relative increases do.
You're jumping to conclusions...incorrect ones, at that.

Perhaps you can answer the following question for me:

How would it break the balance of the game if cruisers, science vessels, and carriers could turn a little bit faster, if they are giving up a tanking console to do it, and can't mount dual cannons?