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09-01-2012, 09:00 AM
Stahl bashing...

Do you remember when Stahl was fresh and new, even before he was the executive producer? Back when he and Jackalope played KDF every day and were all about the KDF...

What happened to that Stahl who came into the KDF forums, waded into those early KDF forum fires and proclaimed that great things were in the pipe and his actions would speak for him.

Do you remember that guy?

I remember quite a few nice things came to the KDF for a bit, and then those windfalls drizzled out.

What happened to that brave soul? He was kinda cool. Woulda been nice if he could have followed through on more of those words he said.

Alas, it seems we are left to quote Poe's raven, "Never more."

Edited to add:

Stahl do you remember in those early days I said I would put down my pitch fork and torch, and I did. I even championed for you. I have grown quiet in my disillusion, yet I think I have started to find my voice again.

Do you still play the KDF?

Do you see the population?

Do you see that the metrics are only statistics and statistics can lie?

Is it not time to allow the small faction to provide a better revenue pipe, even if it is still smaller than the Feds?

We have come once again full circle Mr. Stahl, back to the field of dreams. This is true for the KDF as it is for PvP, If you build it, if you make it novel, if you find ways to keep it balanced, we will play it.
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