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09-01-2012, 08:09 AM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
I see a lot of federation players whining about the KDF leech console.

Have they noticed the MACO shields also give their ships power?

Plasmonic leech is +1 per weapon per activation
MACO shield is +2 per activation.

Both have the same timer duration.

The difference? KDF gets the power bonus by shooting, feds by getting shot AT.

...and the fact that the federation gets the STF MACO shield for FREE while KDF has to BUY a ship to get it.

The leech cannot be given to the federation unless the maco shield or a similar shield is given to the KDF. Otherwise one side would have the ability to double-stack power bonuses.

Can you imagine how overpowered a federation ship would be with +40 power gain by using both of these? Ridiculous.

yes this ty ^

This is what i mean that if u share leech console it will be the end of KDF.
Even feds wont like it being so much OP with 125 125 110 110 powers

I mean whats the reason for a subsystem power to exist if they are all maxed out?

So wrong thats what i have been saying but besides how much wrong and OP this will be one or two feds came in and said that its the right thing to give the console to federation LOL

From this only you understand how much whining scumbags some federation dudes are.
Not grown up at all not logical at all not FAIR at all.

Now if this was my game i would ban those 2 feds that asked to get leech console along with maco shields for extreme unfair balance destroying propusing ideas.