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Originally Posted by matthew486dx View Post
What if it just gave a buff to Impulse Thrusters skill instead of a buff to base turnrate or the current percentage buff?

Honestly, anything percentage based can be min/maxed and effectively "exploited" upon.
Such as an Escort with a full loadout of these being able to spin like a top.

I think it would make more sense to throw everything into the skill tree math. At least that would make everything more uniform.

So yes, take the 17.5% Blue Field Generator MK XI and make it +XX to Shield Systems.

Make the RCS +XX to Impulse Thrusters. At least this could give us a more relative idea to what exactly we are looking at.

IMHO-- This would bring order to chaos.
I might be totally wrong, but ... didn't give SIT a percentage increase to turnrate? And SSS a percentage increase to shield strength? ... And ... wasn't that percentage increase additive with percentage increases from consoles and other buffs?
... actually, I'm pretty sure that it worked this way.

Though I could be totally wrong really, since the skill tree is probably the most intransparent thing in the game, with no documentation whatsoever about the true effects of the skills. All we have is guesswork from measured ingame effects.
Yeah, that'd truely make things a lot easier ... not.