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Originally Posted by flekh View Post
Have you guys ever heard about a BOff ability called Auxiliary to Dampeners?

Hint: it's a Eng Lt/LCdr rank ability that gives a massive boost to turnrate, along with a couple other buffs. And it's basically "cruiser only", as only cruisers come with enough Eng slots to make use of it.

Make a change like proposed ... and with dual Aux2Damp, a cruiser would fly circles around an Escort. And a Vor'cha/Tor'Kaht could reach BoP-level maneurability!
Hell, even former bricks like the Atrox/Vo'quv could suddenly outmaneuver pure Science Ships, as carriers are able to pull off dual Aux2Damp, too.
Yeah, that sounds balanced .... NOT!

If you want a Cruiser to turn quick, you already have the tools for this. It just comes at a price - what you're asking for though is to get super-maneuverabily CHEAP.
Learn to use the tools that you already have first.

Or maybe even: check if you actually need what you're asking for - a tanky beam-boat doesn't need super-turning. Except for the Dreadnought (which will get Saucer Seperation soon, which more than fixes it) and the Bortasqu' (which really is a space-whale ), every cruiser already has ways to maneuver, enough to get the job done.

What you're trying to do is not to "fix" cruisers. Cruisers are fine, if used for what they're meant for: tanking. If you want to fly around in a zippy boat, then go for a Sci or Escort. Nothing wrong with those, really. No, what you (and all the other "fix cruisers"-threads) are trying to do is turn Cruisers into some overpowered abomination that can do everything: deal damage as an escort, be as mobile as a Sci, and still tank like a baws.
I'm not going to answer your last question, simply because you're asking me why I'm trying to do something that I'm not.

You, like some other posters, are either ignoring or missing something: in order to 'break the game' by creating a 'super maneuverable' cruiser, we'd have to give up all our tanking modules, which would make the ship a slow, soft version of an escort that does a lot less damage. In other words, that's not what we're suggesting, so stop blowing things out of proportion.

You also don't seem to understand the consequences of inertia; a cruiser with an excessively high turn rate will lose most of its defense rating when using that maneuverability, because it will be sliding around, instead of actually maneuvering quickly. Turning and maneuvering are two totally different things, as any Negh'Var player can tell you.

Another fallacy I have to point out: cruisers will never be able to 'deal damage as an escort', because escorts still FAR outpace cruisers, even battlecruisers, in terms of damage output. They have WAY more maneuverability than cruisers (if you're going to compare them, compare apples to them when they are BOTH using powers, not just one), and they still have more damage output powers and consoles.

Furthermore, escorts would still be king in PVE; I've yet to hear a solid reason that increasing the cruisers' turn rate somehow would really, truly hurt anything or break the game.

So, yeah...please stop putting words in my mouth. I never said I wanted to make cruisers these overpowered, super-maneuverable DPS-monsters you seem to have nightmares about, and the fact that I'm not just asking for a FREE turn rate increase (as is requested in most cruiser threads) should have told you as much. It's pretty simple: I'm suggesting a turn rate increase in exchange for a weaker tank, with damage output remaining unchanged. It's a trade-off, not a free handout.

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