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*Federation Admiralty meeting*

Admiral Reinhart: Should we pursue the matter of Newtypes further?

Admiral Ral'qo- Logically it will and is the dominate debate of our time for quite some time. The actions of the late Fleet Admiral Allen and his successor are compelling proof that things in the hands of the newtypes are suited to stay that way.

Admiral Gal: That may be but remember Northman was also a new type, he murdered billions to forge a new world. He did succeed in transforming the life in the galaxy into this image. I do not believe that our evolution, our livelihoods in the hands of these people.

Fleet Admiral Ross: Excuse me Admiral Gal.. But Newtypes have saved this galaxy not once but 3 times over the last 6 years. Not to mention everyone considers the Late Fleet Admiral Allen a hero and he was a newtype. The place you are at I can understand we are capable of making mistakes but that is because we are still human deep down.

Admiral Gal: I know that is true sir but what is neglected is how little research is put in to this Newtype Phenomonon. I just do not trust your kind sir, given what has happened.

Admiral Reinhart: Nonetheless, there should be supervisory group to oversee these newtype across the quadrant.

Ross: Admiral as a Fleet Admiral I vote against such a measure. Mainly because I suspect that there are elements of Starfleet that have proven un trust worthy. Mainly Section 31. I have heard the unsavory rumors but I think there is a ring of truth in them.

Fleet Admiral Ros'tu: Ross I vote for it.

Fleet Admiral Tujan: I vote Yes.

*Ross leaves the meeting in a tiff and with an ominous feeling that something is starting that was also the will of someone else.*

Ross: Get me Captain Allington

*FNN News report. The measure of overseeing the security of the quadrant and of the newtypes has been voted into action. Under the command of Admiral Reinhart the Raisers are going to be a new galaxy wide measure of security and an elite group.*
*Deep Space 61, Captain Allington's Office.*

Matt *Over Comm*: Ryan, there's a transmission for you.

Ryan: Matt, I'm up to my ears in paperwork here. Can't you tell them to call back?

Matt *Over Comm.*: It's Admiral Ross, sir.

Ryan: Patch him through. Admiral. We just got the news about the Raiser Programme. What can I do for you?
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