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09-01-2012, 02:31 PM
The whole idea combining to be stronger really kinda falls apart when you really think about it.

From an engineering point of view. You end up with massive redundancy eating into space and power. 5 engines, 5 life support systems, 5 power cores, 5 weapon systems, ect, ect. Not to mention the needed equipment to convert said single vessel into the mega vessel. With all this wasted space and power...where do you end up putting the big weapon? A large vessel dedicated to supporting a mega weapon would be far more efficient.

And then you gota consider crew issues. Even with Voltron its a mess. You have 5 separate pilots that then have to either work flawlessly as a team when joined. A job that might be done better or easier with a single pilot in charge of the super weapon rather then trying to share control. But that would reduce 4 of the team members to little more then spectators. Not real efficient. A problem that only gets compounded when you consider starships with huge crews and multiple captains.

But even if all that wasn't reason enough to think its a poor idea. What happens when the bad guy gets smart enough to simply focus fine on one lion, starship, or what have you? And makes a real effort to cripple the super weapon before it could form by simply removing one of the weaker links...while they are still weak. Take out one lion and you take out voltron. It seems a really bad way to design a war machine.