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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Well if I was Stahl I would ignore such threads with 1 posts out of two consisting in mere bashing. If you could stop that we might go somewhere and get some attention for the KDF. At least try to prove that you're more mature than the average player whinning on the forum all day long for random crap (my sovereign sucks, my console isn't op, I can't buy the jemmie ship, etc). Use your reason, not your heart, if you want to convince cryptics management. And never forget to vote with your wallet.

For instance, it would be nice to boycott the racing costume if you want a KDF one next time. It's a bit off topic but that's the kind of behaviour that may be carefully watched. And of course, don't forget to say it POLITELY without any anger on the forums.
Funny Roach made the same comment on one of my threads over a month ago - yeah he holds to his high principles

I felt at the time like responding that he should set an example and change his "bitmepwe" name as a start!

Oh and those 2 Fed ships ARE coming soon + I have it on good source that :

A)the Fed will not get another cloak

B) The particale burst will be increased to a more useful 10km from the current 5 (frankly it should be 50!! exposing any cloaked ships close on the map not just in weapons range(10km)