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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Both the Heavy Bop which I use on 3 toons and the Raptor on another out-perform any Fed non-cstore ship - what is the whining about?
It's not really whining its the fact that the status of c-store +1 ships and their consoles at first were great to have and now they pretty much have no advantages to buying them except for a few on KDF side but I cannot see myself really buying the federation ones since they just feel like fluff.

The underlying issue with the KDF and as fed players just call it QQ or whining is the attempt to hold onto what little uniqueness we have left. We pretty much first lost carriers as it was told to the KDF population they would always be unique to the KDF which was less than truthful then for the most part the uniquness of 2 of our c-store +1 consoles the feds can just buy on exchange and now the talk about giving the feds the plasmonic leach because they want it they will get it that will no longer be unique. After that of course we will lose the battle cloak and at that point we will have nothing left that makes the KDF unique. It's really just a push to keep holding out on something and then when sales get low they will cannibalize the KDF for every possible dollar they can make before abandoning future development for the game as a WHOLE since they have already abandoned the KDF.