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09-01-2012, 08:02 PM
A big "thank you!" to Cryptic for setting Mine name and reticles to disabled as default. I really couldn't have done it without you!

lol... fixing screen-spam by making the most dangerous objects on the battlefield invisible to n00bs... well done...well...done...

EDIT: I think people have to get used to the idea of mines dealing damage. If I came at the cruiser with a full tac-buffed DHC attack, he would have been OK with having to fire every skill on his tray to survive. Because my attack is different, though I'm equally committed to it, he does not see the risk. My attack is far easier to survive than a DHC alpha, my whole build can be nullified by a dozen abilities. The way I see it, mines, if used more frequently, will force players to think not only about shield and hull healing. They will have to sacrifice one ability to deal with mines. Maybe, just maybe, this will make PvP healing a little bit weaker? (at least i dare hope..)

so twofold problem:
1. Mines being invisible to common people who don't adjust their UI
2. People being used to conventional Escort thinking.

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