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Keep the thought in mind that levi3 may be in the thread purely for entertainment value.
Yes and no - I understand the KDf players concerns completely - they have been perhaps lied to - definitly mislead - they have been left behind compared to Fed development

and on and on and on

Bottom line is that Cryptic DOES NOT CARE! They have shown this through their actions or lack of actions for a very long time- sorry to break the bad news but no amount of whinning or complaining or "keeping up the fight" is going to change that.

Cryptic will go where the money is - the big money - and the big money is on the FED side - it's that simple and that is no lie.

And personally I love the Heavy Bop and Raptor - they are pretty much on par with most of the T5 +1 Fed ships - anyone who says otherwise is crazy.

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