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*Admiral Reinhart is sitting in her ready room. Her hair is greyed some but she is still Vibrant. She is speaking with Dago..*

Dago: I am sure Admiral Ross suspects something about the operation.

Reinhart: Let him.. I have sent a contingency plan in place for him if he strays off his scheduled patrol in the Delta... So no need to worry. With the Raisers formed and starfleet recruitment finished, the Klingon extremists and who ever is with us in the Empire will join us.

Dago: So I will receive more men?

Reinhart: Yes and your pay.

Dago: Oh and your excellency I have Rommel and his wife.

Reinhart: Oh do you.. *she smiles* That will be interesting. And could work for me. The bounty will be added to your pay and you will be receiving more equipment and men. We are in process with talks with the Romulan Star Empire with adding recruits to the Raisers . Our own ships and troops and R and D. Rommel's network of spies will be an interesting addon to the organization.

*One hour later Dago and his men deliever Rommel and his wife to Reinhart. *

Reinhart: Hello Rommel.. Its been awhile.
And what do you hope to accomplish Reinhart. More death and destruction.