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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Lets face it Guys

Section 31 ARE the bad guys

Infact they are almost definately the iconians
I don't think they're Iconians, but I do agree they're not exactly "good guys". They might have a good cause, but their methods are directly contrary to what the Federation stands for.

That said, I don't think that they would really work in a "giant battle" type mission. A Romulan stealth mission...that one I could get behind!

Here's one of my own ideas. The players are thrown forward into the 26th century (yes, it's a time travel mission), and find themselves involved in the Battle of Procyon V depicted in ENT "Azati Prime". They must work with that era's Starfleet to defeat the Sphere Builders before their trans-dimensional anomalies can destroy an important system (Vulcan, maybe?).

I think that would be pretty epic. What do you guys think?
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