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09-01-2012, 08:55 PM
Such a ship would essentially be the inversion of the "Multi-Vector Assault Mode". To be useful in the combined form (that is, in comparison to staying separated all of the time), the combined form would have to have:

1: More efficient protection--the shield power of the combined vessel would have to be superior to that of the separated components.

2: Powerful weapons that could not be used in separated mode (e.g. a large Spinal Phaser Lance that requires more power than the individual sub-ships could provide)

Even given these, there is the question of why you don't just build one big ship in the first place, which would eliminate some of the unneeded redundancy. Unless, as the topic implies, the goal is to conceal the mega weapon until just before firing it, but such a surprise tactic tends to work only once, after which the entire enemy empire (Klingon, Borg, whoever) knows that a squadron of this type can combine to make the weapon.