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09-01-2012, 09:07 PM
Thanks for the response, levi3. A few things:

1- I don't think the genre of this thread is rightly called a "rant." I admit, some of my KDF friends are engaging in rant. Okay, but embedded within that rant are genuine complaints that need to be addressed. The community moderators have obviously given this thread (and the one that was closed) some attention, and I think some of us hope that the devs will take note. I would refer to these threads more properly as protests from upset customers, who feel like they are being neglected, at best, and misled at worst. Most business have "comment" cards or boxes; the forums are the digital equivalent.

2- I still don't think this kind of protest is hopeless. Did you notice, for instance, that Soriedem--one of the lead figures at Gates of Stovokor--has recently been added to the Priority One team. He will be contributing a weekly blog: I would not be surprised if Priority One begins to pay a bit more attention to the KDF side, with the addition of Soriedem. But we will see.

This is a significant new platform for the KDF, because, if history is any indication of the future, Priority One will continue to have the ear of the devs, at least to some degree. This is a positive step in the right direction and will give the KDF a new channel of influence.

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