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Originally Posted by pyryck View Post
So basically the F2P model allows the free-loaders to enjoy what has been paid for by those of us that pay real money to support the game.

How about you just say "thank you for paying so I can play a free game"!

p.s. I'm not a millionaire in real life, I just have a few I play with in STO.
^This. I get picked on by some of the guys in my fleet who brag about how they managed to get all the good zen store ships by grinding dilithium. To them I say: who do you think's buying your dilithium?? If it wasn't for me and my urge for feild generators, transwarp coils, spiral beam arrays, advanced pets, fleet weapons, starbase upgrades, etc etc etc, you wouldn't have any nifty ships to brag about. Don't pick on me. Thank me.