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*Falmek is still serious and in control. He then moves a generator type machine over with tubes all over it. Tubes with sharp ends on them.*

Falmek: You will find that I am not funny nor do I find your jokes funny. *He rams a tube onto Rommel's heart its hooks attach deep onto his chest, a long tube enters the chest cavity.*

*He walks over to the power and flips it on. Soon Rommel screams as there is black coming from his veins and a strong electrical current rippling through his chest and body..*
Through gritted teeth and grunts he looks to Falmek

What do you know of my makeup. Well probably not much as I was a proto type drone. I have secrets you don't even know about. Well should I say every time you send a pulse of electricity to my body my body transfers that energy to my system I can sen that energy to any system I choose an do you know what system I have chosen well let's just say this will hurt me more then you but it will do the job I need it to do And that system is an emp concussion wave And it will hit you in about 5 seconds.