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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
The problem is STO not only had a pre-existing playerbase, its players are usually also trek fans, so even if they want to leave they feel doubly trapped. They feel trapped because they've already invested of themselves in the game and they love the IP. In all honesty everyone should've approached F2P STO as a new game and decided if they liked the model (and the trends it would inevitably follow) instead of thinking it'd still be the same game... but how could anyone do that? They had roots in the game and they loved the IP.
I don't feel trapped and I don't feel like I'm left behind. I'm not worried about trying to keep up because of all the advantages I have. If I create a new toon and I go into the black room where it asks if I want to do the tutorial or skip it before I choose I open up the c-store and deck out my character with half a dozen tribbles, a borg boff, armor, weapons, ship, etc. and not spend a point because of all my legacy unlocks and account wide items. Then I can go into the tutorial if I choose. Then if a new get to level 50 I have the resources of my other toons I can dump into him.

It is not about keep up with the new crowd. I start with that leg up. I new person has to save up/grind for things I had before f2p. Even with a small difference in gear, that does not make up for the experience and time in this game. Building a good ship is not easy and learning how everything work and knowing the counters is not something you get from one fed and one klink on f2p account when there are 3 classes.

By time a f2p person "catches up" I will have advances further.