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09-02-2012, 07:36 AM
what i like about star wars is the greater continuity that results out of george lucas exclusive rights on the franchise. He has a say in anything and like that it rarely contradicts itself like star trek does in nearly every voyager episode.
CBS has some specialists for the franchise, but it seems they don't do quite a good job in my opinion. The writers of the shows rarely looked into the technical manuals...or just losely interpret it.

Kirk traveled accross the entire galaxy...the enterprise D did nearly the same accross the quadrant.

continuity also goes overboard when time travel plots are done...plenty of those in trek.

still it seems star trek is closer to real science, although way off in certain cases.

So, in my opinion, star wars has the better thought out universe and story...but trek feels more like "that could be done in future"
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