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09-02-2012, 08:44 AM
Kudos to the OP for tackling the key issue with play balance in STO. I love cruisers but gave up on them exactly for the reasons momaw stated. This game is all about combat and the most efficient way to handle it is with an escort. I've played lots of MMOs and this game has the weakest Tanking skills and abilities. I've max skilled Threat Control but all you need is one escort with a pip or two in TC and the boss ignores me for the most part. I don't mind not being the biggest punisher out there. I know tanks arent meant for DPS but then at least give cruisers the ability to properly tank. I've read so many posts of escort captains bragging about their ability to out tank cruisers and solo tac cubes. If that doesnt clearly demonstrate an imbalance of ship abilities I dont know what else will.

I'm not saying I agree with every suggestion of the OP but he/she definitely has identified a significant problem with long term game playability/enjoyment, unless you just want to fly escorts all day. Dont get me wrong, im not saying nerf escorts, just saying restore balance and this OP deserves credit for having the courage to bring this issue out into the open. I for one thank you and hope the Devs do something about it soon.