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09-02-2012, 09:46 AM
have to admit some of those ideas look pretty good (especially de subsystem target mode)

1 thing i do disagree on. u said escort play the role of a damage dealer and they do it well. NO, they rly dn't.
as of a classic DD's definition and u'r description, a DD spykes dmg and runs away to recharge... Escort DO NOT. they hit u with everything, and if u'r still not dead they keep hitting u for 5 secs, second RF becomes available and U DIE. if by some miracle u'r skills came up just in time, u get to live for another 5 secs, after which u get hit with the first RF+an attack patter+most likely HY.

a well built cruiser might just survive this, but the huge cooldowns on a sci make it impossible. mby with some of u'r suggestions and other such imaginative ones cryptic could salvage a system rdy to implode.