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09-02-2012, 09:13 AM
Instead of focusing on making this more like a class role based system why don't they just have 'everyone equal in a different way'. What I mean by that would be a setup such as this:

Offense Focus: Burst Damage
Defense Focus: Defense Stat primarily
Utility Focus: Attack Patterns fill this role, they should be expanded

Offense: Damage over Time
Defense Focus: Hull Mitigation Tank Primarily (High Resistance)
Utility: Heals & Team Defensive Buffs

Sci Vessel
Offense: Build up Damage
Defense: Buffer/Regen Shield Tank Primarily
Utility: Debuffs & CC

O wait a second we already have that. Its just that balance has been completely fubared by the mechanics that were designed to work with Mk X purples and Tier 4 ships.

This could be restored very quickly and easily though. Make the defense stat more important in PvE for escorts, nerf NPC kinetic damage and allow cruisers to tank with hulls. Allow shields to last longer than .2 seconds against an NPC as well. At the same time nerf bat all the low tier heals and defensive buffs (Epower to shields I'm looking at you) to finish it off.