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Originally Posted by momaw View Post
2.) Overhaul abilities in general for greater "up time". For a science ship, its abilities ARE its weapons. Compare the merit of having 2 copies of Cannon:Rapid Fire (66% "up time") versus 2 copies of...well, most science abilities. Keep the shared cooldowns for systems of abilities, but make the actual cyclic time on abilities faster, so that the player basically chooses one tool from their toolbox at a time to focus on, rather than being forced by gratuitously long cooldowns to use everything in sequence even if it's not really the best tool for the job at hand.
Right now we have a screwed up mess for science ability cooldowns. A lot of our abilities use starship systems that don't exist on the skill tree anymore. For example, Gravity Well, Tyken's Rift, Energy Siphon, and Tachyon Beam are all considered "deflector dish" abilites. We don't have a deflector dish skill! Both Tachyon Beam and Energy Siphon are buffed by Flow Capacitors, and why they share cooldowns with these other abilities are an enigma to me. I have to ask, how would you send a tachyon beam out of a deflector dish anyway? Wouldn't you need to use some kind of an emitter array, according to canon?

Also Countermeasure Systems and the whole two useless skills it effects can be completely removed from the game. We might as well have a T5 Deflector Dish System skill that impacts more useful abilities.

Originally Posted by momaw View Post
3.) Change the subtargeting abilities to modes rather than events. In other words, rather than firing one single shot at the enemy's engine for minimal impact, turning on Subtarget:Engines would make ALL shots affect the engines to some degree until you turned that mode off, at the cost of all shots doing reduced damage to shields and hull. Subtargeting would then be more of a strategic choice rather than an occasional poke in the eye. Target the engines until you can outmaneuver the enemy and get into their weak weapon arc, then switch to targeting their weapons while your tachyons and charged particle bursts bring down their shields, and finally switch to targeting the shields to keep them suppressed while you work on their hull.
I agree with this. I would love subsystem targeting as a fire-select mode rather than a one-shot ability. I think it would make science ships a lot more useful, with all four built-in.