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You could try bringing Polarize Hull.

I don't remember anyone in the series saying "Aw... Darn it! I missed with the tractor beam again! Sorry, Captain."

Originally Posted by rodsager1964 View Post
In one instance I used AP Omega, Polarize Hull and an Aux Power battery and failed to escape the tractor beam.
Then its not a tractor beam that was slowing you down. TB is only one of the abilities that can stop a ship. Beam Target Engines plus Energy Siphon can disable your engines if you are running at low engine power. An Aux battery wouldn't help you in this instance - you would need an engine battery.

Gravity Well is also extremely effective on ships with disabled engines, especially if their shields are down.

There may be other abilities that interfere with movement that I'm not even thinking of right now. Were you hit by Chroniton Torps or Mines? There is a whole list of stuff that it could have been.

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