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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
I don't think anyone's disputing the idea that KDF players would like to see more items in the C-Store. Unfortunately the problem is still just about simple economics: 8 Fed players versus 2 KDF players. Every Fed ship put into the game has 8 potential Fed buyers. Every KDF ship put into the game has only 2 potential KDF buyers. Cryptic makes 4 times more money selling Fed items compared to KDF items.
When it comes to the KDF ships Cryptic has failed in a simple matter of creating proper Fleet variants. Personally, considering that there aren't that many canon KDF ships to reference, I would be happy if Cryptic just added some more Fleet variants of already existing ships, instead of creating brand new ones for the C-Store. This way they could still charge 5-20$ for the Ship Modules, while satisfying the KDF playerbase without the need to create completely new models and designs.

And what did they do instead?

They've added a bunch of Tier 2-4 vessels with inferior stats, completely ignored any type of science vessels whatsoever, and completely forgotten about most Tier 5 variants - even those that do not come with any unique integrated ability.

I mean, seriously - where's my Fleet Kar'Fi? Where's Fleet Marauder? Where's ANY Gorn science ship? What's the reason not to include any of them? I would give another 20$ just to fly an upgraded Marauder FDC, but instead I am given the Fleet Corsair with completely different boff setup and not so great stats. What the hell? The same goes for Kar'Fi - one of my all time favourite ships in the game when it comes to performance. But nope - no fleet equivalent for me here.

No idea what were they thinging here... And at the very least these fleet ships could satisfy at least some portion of KDF community asking for more ships. But nope - not even the ones that would be easy to make are there - now go fly your inferior Tier 3 Refits...