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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
It works, I experience it every day with my raptor, I end all stf with full crew. There's a bug from time to time, just try to unequip all you have on your ship and then re equip it again, it should work and you'll get the tactical readiness bonus.
No, you do not understand. You are comparing a raptor that gets hit by maybe a torpedo every 20 seconds.

The VoQuv I use is a TANK VoQuv. I get the aggro of everything and hold it for the team. Its a massive shield tank. I can tank and hold my own against the elite tac cube and 6 or so spheres in elite infected.

That is a LOT of incoming beam and torpedoes. But my shields hold. I get hit by a torpedo practically every second.

The crew is all dead before i get to using my second set of shield heals. Just like that.. poof.

In controlled test with three player ships just autofiring photon torpedoes at me the crew also dies just from their impacts on the matter the amount of crew resistance I stack onto it.

Finally, raptors have about 200 crew tops. VoQuv has 4000. Since the crew loss and recover is % based, your crew can lose 150 and regain it within seconds. The recovery rate works for your ship. But for cruisers and carriers, regaining what amounts to your entire crew is but a small % of our crew total. Even out of combat WITH crew regain modules it takes MINUTES to recover the full crew.

To give you an idea, when an STF is over the timer to exit is about 170 seconds. My crew is completely dead at STF end.. and by the time the timer kicks me out it has only recovered about 10% of the crew total. Your raptor oth, would recover full crew far before the timer kicks you out.

What is really sad is that the huge crews were supposed to be a boost to the cruisers and carriers because it significantly increased the natural hull repair rate. And it is QUITE nice a bonus too... if you test it in controlled enviroment and have three tac ships drop gravity wells on your carrier @ full crew (that is sitting still in space) you will see the grav wells hurt the hull ...and the crew beating three grav wells in the repair. Its just awesome.

But the sci ships fire a few photon volleys..adios crew...

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