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Originally Posted by alexindcobra View Post
I'm wondering will fleets be able to customized their bases so they don't all look the same inside? When friends from other fleets visit, they just tell me it looks like their base.
Featured Special Projects.

Let's see, overtalked fleet uniforms,
1. Use the holodeck for a shooting range on ground, Weapons Test Satellite in space. You have 1 minute to do as much damage as possible to a circular target. The computer will track damage and give you your DPS.

2. A club. The DJ will play anything in the STO soundtrack, maybe give him a URL. NPC crew will be dancing. You should, too.

3. STF gear requisitions at Military IV.

4. More specialties with the officers! They're not supposed to be the exact same as on your ship!

That's all I can think of.