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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Golden rule

Multiply an escorts DPS by 15
Multiply a cruisers by 45


As a cruiser is on target for 45 seconds and an escort for 15 (if its played as an escort)

not talking static turret escorts here (very high damage totally useless to the team)
You know I thought a while after posting that I'd dropped the ball a little by issuing a challenge across a web forum. It's the kind of crap I normally don't pull and it makes me look like a bellend.

But then you go and post this nonsense. And what's more, you believe it.

I can keep things in front of me for much longer than 15 seconds at a time without dying, even in groups of 5 Escorts with no cross-healing. You're pulling stuff out of your backside to try and justify your belief that the damaging dealing class of starship doesn't actually deal the most damage, when in actual fact a properly built and flown Escort will out-DPS a properly built and flown anything else. That is an Escort's job.

I'm not saying you need 5 Escorts in STFs and that Cruisers are useless. That's an attitude that annoys me as well as you. What I am saying, though, is that Escorts deal the most damage. Nothing wrong with Cruisers or Carriers, but Escorts will always win the damage battle if their pilot has a brain.

We can test this plain and simple - We both go into an Infected run, and I'll fire up my combat parser. We'll forget DPS becuase you have some sort of belief it's inaccurate, and go for total damage over the STF. I will beat you on that (because I beat every cruiser I've parsed myself against, and if I didn't, I should stop playing the game) rendering any nonsense about multiplying DPS over the match irrelevant.