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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Dorman: Make the damn jump Lt.

Shepard: Making the jump to transwarp in 3, 2,1

*The vessel enters transwarp*

*Klingon Homeworld*

* The attack fighters have pulled over the transport and have the security team board. It is Dago and his team*

Dago: Ah Captain Ryan, Captain Ja'rod. It is a welcome sight to see the both of you. But I am afraid you cannot go to your destination. Orders from her excellency Reinhart.

*Dago's men kill Ja'rod's men and ryan's*

Dago: I am going to have to ask you 2 come with me... I insist.
Ja'rod: On who's authority?! I am a General in the Imperial Klingon Defence Forces!

Ryan: And, DS-61, despite wishful thinking in Starfleet to the contrary, is an independent state. What you just did, violates Interstellar law and constitutes an act of war!

O'Neil: Sir, we're going to have better luck finding out what's going on if we play along.

Ryan: Before we do surrender to you, what is your connection to the House of Duras? What's your motivation against the House of Martok? They're supporters of the Klingon-Federation Alliance!
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