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Originally Posted by errooc View Post

Since, right around, the Fleet Week update (2-3 weeks ago?) my Armitage and Odyssey had their costumes changed and not by me. I have tried going to spacedock and PAYING to change it back to the way I like it does nothing.

In fact, the ships appear correct while at the shipwright just not in space. I've made changes to the ship costume just to try a change. It looks fine while in SD but, not in space. They have the same costume that first appeared after the update.

And now, with the Armitage, I cannot even purchase new colors if any Armitage parts are part of the costume. I already own the Armitage costume. It says that I have to purchase the costume for a zero cost but, the system won't allow it.

I have other ships and I am unwilling to try them as I do not want to have their costumes mucked-up too.

I have filed a GM report and also a bug report. I have not had any response.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
By any chance, are you running the M.A.C.O. ship shield with 'visuals enabled'? If so, turn the visuals for the shield off and that should solve your issue (at least it did for me.)

If you're not running with the M.A.C.O. ship shield, disregard this.
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