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Ja'rod: On who's authority?! I am a General in the Imperial Klingon Defence Forces!

Ryan: And, DS-61, despite wishful thinking in Starfleet to the contrary, is an independent state. What you just did, violates Interstellar law and constitutes an act of war!

O'Neil: Sir, we're going to have better luck finding out what's going on if we play along.

Ryan: Before we do surrender to you, what is your connection to the House of Duras? What's your motivation against the House of Martok? They're supporters of the Klingon-Federation Alliance!
*Republic, in orbit*

Davis: Well?

Lt.: I've got them. The new targeting scans work brilliantly!

Davis: What's the situation?

Lt.: Looks like a Raiser Patrol. Can't tell what's going on without an audio feed.

Davis: Damn. Contact the Station. I want Tachyon Sensors at full sensitivity. If so much as a cloaked FLY comes within 20,000km of us, I want to know about it!

Vulcan Ensign: Sir, anthropaedic lifeforms such as the Terran fly cannot survive in the Vacuum of Space. And, they cannot cloak.

Davis: Mr. Sorak, that was a little joke.

Sorak: Extremely little, Commander.

Davis: *Stutters* Wha--? Did he--? I don't--- Wha--?

Lt.: You got him speechless! Do you know how long I've waited for this moment?
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