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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Tractor Beam Repulsars vs Romulans FTW!!! My shields take damage at a reasonable rate allowing maneuvers to bring a fresh shield facing, or transferring the shields to be worthwhile.
Quite unusual i must say, most people complain that the romulan levels at a lower level where the hardest, complaining how OP d'derixes are :p,

Though i remeber being in your frame of mind, enjoying tractor repulsors and doing the combat dance (moving shield facing)

My personal sweet spot (for leveling and playing at a lower level) was ker'ret warzone at about level 20-40,

-it was FUN
-it was a challenge (try my best to get '1st' and win some purples :p)
-the unexpected, a bop decloaking and locking horns with them!
-testing myself vs Cubes, being able to kill them alone at the twilight of my rank, then being utterly killed when i got a new ship
-the fact i could earn dilithium while doing the mission and *gasp* HAVING FUN!

Then they punished *us all*, because people afked .

Now Ker'ret is for elitists and people who think they are elite cry for their team to save them, and then get obliterated when the true elites call for reinforcements