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To break from the thread of KDF getting a 180 degree torp (which I do not agree.. but read that thread instead) the subject of the bioneural not being 360 came up.

This is an old gripe in the KDF on how a self-guided missile cant be fired on something on the opposite side of the weapon slot that it is equipped in.

There is a way however to make this happen. Using existing game mechanics.

- Change the Bio-neural to be a MINE weapon.

- Add the same 'pop new weapon' code that the breen transphasic torpedo has. Only in this case the Mine 'pops' the bioneural warhead into existence.

- Give the bio-neural the same default attack command that carrier pets have.

We know for a fact that ALL player ships transmit the target they are watching to the pet AI matrix. It is the source of all pet AI bugs. However in this case it can be made to work for the bioneural.

When the bioneural missile pops out of the mine it becomes an 'AI missile pet' that will home in to any target the player has targeted.

With this method the bio-neural becomes a 360 firing arc torpedo with just two minor changes: it takes two seconds to deploy after being fired (no big deal) and it will always attack the same target the player has locked onto (unlike currently it chooses a new target on its own if original target dies.. EXACTLY like AI pets do if you do not order them).