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09-02-2012, 12:06 PM
Citizen, the Federation needs you, and consequently we need you!

Our horizons are expanded, and later we will open new boundaries to make our space a safe place for our future. And that's where you go into action, where people like you will realize the dream of our fathers and prosperous future for our children.

The Division Hispana is an international fleet with a large global community of hundreds of experienced players from all over planet Earth, all-in, where each of us has a voice and be able to participate.

Our fleet is aimed at facilitating communication between all of the quickest and effective for all its members, supported by a range of controls that will make your experience in the game in the most comfortable and easy without any complication, lot of your language fellow willing to help any time of the day in your daily missions, joint participation in STF, events and missions themselves in Spanish designed for your enjoyment, and this will be of significant relevance your characters throughout the game thus avoiding any language barrier that stops your development.

All you have to do to join us is to meet the basic and simple rules of conduct and complete our incorporation form to keep track of your interest in participating.Do not hesitate! Your decision to be a major is right at the bottom of this message.

Visit us at: Wach our recruitment video HERE JOIN US NOW
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