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But even if all that wasn't reason enough to think its a poor idea. What happens when the bad guy gets smart enough to simply focus fine on one lion, starship, or what have you? And makes a real effort to cripple the super weapon before it could form by simply removing one of the weaker links...while they are still weak. Take out one lion and you take out voltron. It seems a really bad way to design a war machine.
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Even given these, there is the question of why you don't just build one big ship in the first place, which would eliminate some of the unneeded redundancy. Unless, as the topic implies, the goal is to conceal the mega weapon until just before firing it, but such a surprise tactic tends to work only once, after which the entire enemy empire (Klingon, Borg, whoever) knows that a squadron of this type can combine to make the weapon.
A simple way to get around this limitation, is make the ships unspecialised. And then just build fleets of the buggers and send them off. If you need 10 of the ships then it's a problem if you only have 9, but if you have 500 of the things and all of them can form any part of the 10 ship superweapon then that's not really a problem any more is it?

So inhumane superweapons, mass murder, and canon nonsense is okay, but speedos are too much for some people.