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Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
As near as I can tell it looks like 7 or 8 of the 21 ships are T5, which is 1/3. So it doesn't really look like they're intentionally trying to keep you away from end-game ships.
KDF only got 4 - Qin, Vor'Cha, Negh'Var and the Vo'Quv. Rest is mostly Tier 2-4 retrofits, which naturally have -10% HP and Shields when compared to base Tier 5 vessels' stats.

Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
I don't really care to debate Fleet ships. I'm not even sure the demand for Fleet ships is that high for the majority of the player-base - and I doubt most of the player-base will even make it to T4 or T5; though, I do think more ships will get added to the Fleetbase pool as they are completed.
Errr, why wouldn't there be a demand for the most powerful ships in the game (or rather, upgraded versions of already existing ones). Even at Tier 1 and 2 you get access to some really neat toys for the FEDs, like the Fleet Patrol Escort, Fleet Recon, Fleet Star Cruiser etc. Tier 3 with Fleet Tactical Escort Refit also isn't that far off, and that ship has 5 tactical console slots, with only other ship like this being the bug ship. And all that not mentioning other Tier 5 variants, even the ones at Shipyard Tier 4 or 5. So yeah, I'd say they are tempting, and before S6 launch most of the discussions was about the ships, not other fleet benefits.

So now while I'm waiting for my fleet to reach Tier 3 Shipyard for the Defiant and such, my KDF toons have absolutely nothing to look forward to, because there's nothing new in the C-Store, and there's no Fleet variant of the ships I'm using.

My point is, if Cryptic is not planning to introduce any new C-Store ship, because of how minor the KDF playerbase is, then the least they could do something proper with existing variants and introduce more Fleet Re(tro)fits to the Shipyard. Marauder, Kar'Fi or any of the Gorn Sci ships would be a good start...