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Originally Posted by pug02 View Post
[Combat (Self)] X's Arcwave Setting dealt 373 (274) shield damage to you.
[Combat (Self)] X deals 453 (991) Plasma Damage to you with Arcwave Setting.

Shields (Dmg/hit): 373/274 (73% effective)
Health (Dmg/hit): 453/717 (63% effective = 37% resistance) Flank shot

The shield in this example is only 73% effective. This is a shield that has a resistance on it already. You will often see numbers that are much closer to 50%. Since this was a flank shot my armor with 44% resistance was only giving me 37% resistance.

Shield tanking on the ground is an art form. It requires quite a bit of stacking to be good at it and the cooldowns on this abilities are brutal and quite often only gives you 15 seconds of full shield tanking. You can stretch it to 20 seconds with a loss in resistance. You need the help of a well spec tactical officer to stretch it to 30 seconds. With very good timing you can maybe make it 45 seconds.
I just went finish some testing and I do not see what you are talking about.

My basic shield was 100% effective and my normal shield was 110% effective. 4 different weapon types tested and none of them did extra damage to shields.

Perhaps you are looking at your numbers the wrong way around. Hit 373/274 damage after shield resistance?

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