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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
The Bortas at Shipyard T5 is the inferior version that was given away for free during the 2nd anniversary (9 consoles, no special abilities etc.). The C-Store version is superior and together with the Odyssey are the only ships with 10 consoles and better stats that are being sold directly, and not through lock boxes or Fleet Shipyards.

So no, I'm not forgetting anything - FEDs have 10 Tier 5 Fleet refits (2 at each tier, not counting TBD Fleet Assault Cruiser), while KDF only get 4 (2 of which at way higher tiers).

Also, keep in mind, you get a discount for a Tier 5 Fleet vessel if you already own its equivalent from the C-Store (for example, if you own Tactical Escort Refit from the C-Store you pay only 1 Fleet Module instead of 4). Problem is, KDF have no such ship in the shipyard atm, so whatever you get, you need to pay the full 20$ price...

Up until now I tried to avoid the "zomg KDF are an afterthought!!11onemeh" discussions, but after seeing how Cryptic handled their Fleet ships in comparison to FED ones, I am honestly disappointed - ESPECIALLY with no C-Store content even being planned. The only "hope" is another lock box I guess...
You are the only person in this thread talking about Fleetbase ships. Everyone else is talking about direct C-Store items/ships - you know, those things we bought before the game introduced Fleetbases?

There are 30 Fed C-Store ships and 21 KDF C-Store ships. What there are in Fleetbases and what there might be in the future Fleetbases is meaningless to the discussion of more KDF things going into the C-Store.

Edit: And all of this is very-much off topic from the OP's purpose of the thread.

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