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That's true enough. You know you're not optomising your DPS, and are making the decision to do that. I don't see why, since Rainbows don't give you anything pratical in exchange for the DPS loss. I'm sure you can get by in spite of it, but I could get by just fine by removing a DHC from my Armitage and leaving the slot empty, it still doesn't make it a good idea. But you understand the game mechanics. Which means you probably understand a lot about the game and play to a decent level accordingly, even with rainbows.

But most people with rainbows simply don't realise that they're gimping their damage output. And if they don't do enough critical thinking to realise that a Phaser Relay gives a greater damage boost than a Directed Energy Modulator when it's written in front of them, then chances are there's lots of stuff they don't realise about the game - such as power leves, console selection and that blowing up Nanite generators sequentially instead of simultaneously makes bad things happen.

Hence why it's associated with noobishness, and why most ships firing rainbows tend to do about as much damage as a stiff solar wind.

And when you say 'several seasons ago' when do you mean? Because it was an even worse idea to run Rainbows when I started playing the game (December 2010) than it is now.
I'm a 400 day vet. I started playing a few months before the debut of Duty officers. At that time, Phaser Relays had (approximately) the same bonus as Directed energy manifolds. Then again, back then they were more confusing....

A lot of NooBs have no optimization to their ships at all, and run random weapons that have the best damage they can find. Honestly.... it's not a very bad policy if you're a commander or lower... at that level you're better off using cobbled-together junk and focussing on leveling. Sure optimization would increase your DPS and survivability in missions, but by the time you got your ship optimized the gear would be obsolete due to you leveling....

Now that I think about it.... Wasn't the Phaser skill and the other damage type skills Admiral level stuff? that might explain why I never bothered... None of my chars made admiral before Doffs were added to the game.

Anyways, the way things work currently, the bonus of tactical consoles is calculated seperately from other damage boosts, and honestly isn't awe inspiring....

Number shaped objects:
Antiproton beam array MK XI [CrtH][Dmg]x2
With 2 +16.2% consoles: 208.2 DPS (It's a first edition Oddy, it only has 2 tac console slots)
With 1 console: 195.2 DPS
with no consoles: 182.2 DPS

sooo... I get +13 DPS per console, sure I could do somewhat higher damage with damage type consoles, but meh....

I can haz joystick!
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