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09-02-2012, 02:11 PM
It seems I'm not alone or crazy!

Here are two followup questions if anyone cares to answer them.

What is it that causes the game to become...worse I guess as you break into 40+ for you?
- Number of boff abilities available?
- Pace of combat?
- Wide range of good gear vs great gear?
- Change in enemy types/stories?
- Something I didn't list?

For me it is the number of boff abilities you have gets kinda silly I think making it into a button masher and the combat pacing tends to get messed up because of that.

And what could be done to extend the sweet spot for you?

To this for me it would be to add 'passive boff abilities'. Say instead of slotting Emergency power to Shield I twice where it will have 100% up time I could train my boffs in 'Shield Power Management' that would provide nearly (but not quite) the same bonus as a passive buff so I don't have to mash that stupid button every 30 seconds.

In addition I really think some consoles need to be rebalanced and the ships need to have a higher amount of hull and shields right out of the box. For that to work some healing abilities would need to be rebalanced as well but that would be fine. It is just absolutely silly to me for a shield facing to go down in one shot or to loose 50% hull from a single torp and ten seconds later for me to be back at full because I hit two boff abilities.