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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
where i get 9k shild or 22 shild?

from its called KHG shild in my bop i have with it 9k in tholian carrier i have 22k ea side that says my bop have from all 4 sides a total of 36k shild with the carrier a total of 88k.

and you in right carrier can boom if a totaly nuub use it what never make a heal skill and co.
the point in that example is to show the differenz of the take dmg capazity of the ships.

thats why i say near undefeatable, says not god mode but near god mode in the carrier no other ship can take bigger amount of dmg ingame.
agree on the last part. well set up carrier = god mode tank.
however, a bop can be quite an effective build with devastating post battle cloak alpha strike that can blow spheres out of the water and cripple cubes and tac cubes.
there are no bad t4 and up ships- only bad pilots
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