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Dago: Wrong. You are captain of that station and you are supposed to know the goings on of the men under your command and of the establishments. Rommel is indeed not dead. *Shows him security feed from Klingon and Raiser forces. Showing Rommel and his men raiding the house of Duras.* Also we have files of exact dealing with trade negotiations between you and other nations with a third party Rommel himself.

Now tell me where are you hiding your Newtypes? *strikes him with a guard baton in the gut.*
Ryan: Hiding? They're free to wander the station at their leisure. But, as soon as you abducted me, the Station would have moved all civilian personnel to the new shelters we set up. Where are those shelters, you ask? They're at the end of the yellowbrick road, managed by an emerald wizard who'll grant your greatest wish.

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