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The TR-116A is a Sniper Rifle that does apparently does pure Kinetic damage through the canon method of tritanium bullet. It's also a gun that doesn't need line of sight. It transports bullets to the target. It was a preorder item from TARGET, but now, you can't get it any more from TARGET because the game is F2P now. However, a few months into STO, Target dropped STO because apparently they didn't renew their license. Marked copies of the game had the special TR-116 code.

Last year, around Season 4, the Borg got their remodulation abilities and this gun was supposedly able to not be adapted. I became fascinated with this particular weapon. The fact it did PURE kinetic damage, not phaser damage, was good on it's own. However, I heard it was useless after Lieutenant, as it only does about 36 DPS. However, a few rumors had me drooling for this gun.

1. Just when Season 4 launched, I found a old thread, and inside was a rumor that the Borg could not adapt to this particular weapon. I don't know if this is true or not, but it made me want it even more.

2. The gun was broken due to Season 4's ground combat changes.

3. Since Target stopped carrying the game, there are none left.

The thing I want to know, does anyone know of anyone who has a key or has a Tr-116? I still really want it. It's about as rare as the Del-Taco shuttle which I am still looking for, so I can say "YES I HAVE THE CUP!" I search E-Bay regularly for any STO codes, I got the Borg Amazon promo last year very cheap as well.

Also, if someone does have this weapon, can you take pictures/video demo'ing the gun? I really want to see it in action.