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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
And even the Hair Buns don't even look that TOS. We have a lot of Hairstyles, but most of them look silly.

They just need a "Salon Extras" pack that gives you lots of hair, earring, tattoo, facial hair and other various things. It'd be a seller.

I'd also add variant faces with things like chin clefts, hairstyles with salt and pepper or different colored temples, and the Humanoid 1 nose on a Humanoid 2 style head and vice versa. (Basically, the "asian" eyes (although these are exactly the kind of eyes Patrick Stewart has) with the angular nose and the "euro" eyes with the round nose (which is really needed for more convincing characters of African descent).

From the time I started playing STO, I wanted some glorious Mitt Romney/Reed Richards hair for my Captain (albeit with canon side burn angles).

What I find is that the character creator looks better the younger and punkier you want to make your characters, is moderately good at a G.I. grunt look, and is really weak at creating a middle aged or administrative professional look.

In a sense, it's like we can make the whole A-Team in space except for Face and Murdoch. The problem is, the Starfleet we know from the shows doesn't look military and doesn't look punky or hipsterish. Starfleet officers look like thirty and forty something bankers for the most part. And those options are REALLY limited in STO.

It's weird to me that I can have a mohawk or a pony tail or a buzzcut but I can't have a horseshoe haircut like Picard or an "over the top" part like almost every guy in Star Trek history.

And then in Champions... Man. There's a good twenty plus conservative haircuts and costumes routinely add new ones.

I'd drop some coin for a "salon" pack. If new hair tech is coming, fine, I'll wait. (Though a "Picard" hair-do doesn't seem like it would need new hair tech.) If not... open the floodgates! :-)