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Since you started your post by being utterly disrespectful and uncaring, I suppose i'll have to follow in kind. The correct spelling FYI, is "Whoopi Goldberg", Mr Risabove. Don't suppose you'd like it if people purposely called you by the wrong name? I'm sure Mr Burton wasn't too thrilled to be called "Laverne" on the ST: Nemesis set, by it's director.
Well I apologies for not knowing how to spell an actors name, big deal. The point was there is a History with the Borg pre voyager.

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You fail to take into account, the impact of having Borg in the 22nd Century (caused by Picard leaving wreckage/bodies on Earth in 2063). In the original timeline, the Borg weren't even present in the 22nd Century (as far as we know). There would be no tech to study, no tech to prepare for, and no fore-knowledge of the Borg, other than "rumor and speculations".

During TNG, Season 1's "The Neutral Zone" and Season 3's "Best of Both Worlds" are very much part of the same storyline. The Enterprise is sent to investigate a planet (in the latter episode), and it's confirmed that the destruction is the "same as what was seen in The Neutral Zone". The Borg were present near Federation space as early as the end of Season 1. Half a season later, in "Q Who?", the character of Q sends the Enterprise flying 8500 lightyears, directly into the path of a Borg Cube. It's assumed later on that the Cube in Best of Both Worlds, is the same cube as in Q Who?. One could always speculate, why were the Borg already on a direct path towards the Alpha Quadrant, when Q sent the Enterprise flying? Did Q possibly have fore-knowledge of what Humanity should expect to face? Did Q try to warn Picard and the rest of humanity? We know from Q's own statements, that the "Continuum" fears what Humanity might one day become. A race possibly more powerful than the Continuum itself.
You just don't get it, look by putting the Borg into Archers Time line (yes we know they where there given what happened in the next gen series and movies) Starfleet would have what had a couple of hundred yrs to study the Borg tech and integrate it into their own but they didn't because its not apart of the original next gen story so it stuff's it.

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Stated and quoted in the movie as being an "Alternate Reality" caused by Nero's influence on the timeline and the destruction of the USS Kelvin. I understand you hated the movie, but atleast try and back up your claims with same actual FACTS.

This goes back to my previous paragraph. The 2009 movie takes place in an "Alternate Reality", and thus anything that happens in that timeline, has absolutely NO BEARING on the events of the "Prime Universe" that is TOS and beyond.
I didn't say I hated the movie I just said I don't like how it stuffs the whole Star Trek theme I don't care that you and others try and justify it as an alternative reality.

I have it in my collection, I have all of Star Trek bar the Originals.

This is my opinion you can argue till your blue in the face it ain't gonna change lol, call me ignorant and all the names under the sun its still not going to change my opinion OK!