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Originally Posted by delftnl View Post
Tactical Cruiser (Odyssey incl setup) beats 12 players. 0 Losses 1 Team member died.

Made by Unit1@Unit1
Wins. Noobs kicking:

Subspace Jump combined with Antimatter spread is awesome. 180 Degrees Quantum Torpedo Launcher (Assault cruiser) as Aft weapon, 30% Tactical Consoles phaser and quantum torpedo bonus. Borg Tech. Borg Shield, Borg Universal console. 3x Damage quantum Torpedo launcher MXII as a front weapon. 6x Times Phaser Banks Mark12 spread out ad front and aft in combination with Beam Overload 3, Complete total MXII Setup, Phaser Defend Console, All Odyssey Consoles. Aquarius Escort combat pet Lvl51. Worker bees. Chevron separation (all game). Ship weapons and consoles are worth 350.000.000 Energy credits in total. All 3x Odysseys = 7500 Zen for all consoles to gain advanced engineering: Tactical, Science, Engineering Odysseys consoles equipped on the tactical version.Torpedo Launcher 180 Degrees are worth 2500 Zen (Ripped of from an Assault cruiser). Total 10000 Zens. Current Dilithium exchange 9-2-2012 23:50 : 1.610.000 for 10000 Zens. Thats playing 202 days ad least. 3% 200 days veteran skill bonus (Life time subscription).

The very best or Superior Tactical Odyssey PvP and STF Setup. With the low turn rate of the odyssey cruisers you need skills to control them in pvp and stf. Chevron separation will increase the turn rate magnificently so use it. But still train your skills without Chevron separation you may need it.

First off, good job on target calling and being apart of a team that was actually not only listening, but was doing Cross healing and so forth.

Second, congratulations on finding a build that you enjoy. How ever, Personally, I feel you have too many Z-store Consoles, and some in the wrong places. Running 2x Phaser, 1x Quantum or 2x Quantum 1x Phaser console is better then 1x Phaser, 1x Quantum, 1x BORG console. Borg Console should be in either the Sci or the Engi area.

Third, I'd change your Powers some what:
Lt universal: Either Torpedo Spread 3, or perhaps a Target Subsystem 3, maybe even a Delta 2 or Omega 1.
Lt Tac: Tac team 1 or Torp Spread 1/Torp HY 1, if you must: Beam overload 2

Cmd Engi: I'd Swap Engi team 2 for Aux to Bat, Swap Eject Warp Plasma 3 for DEM 3 add 2x or 3x Technician Doffs.

Ensign Engi: Swap EpTS 1 for Engi team 1 Mostly to help clear Viral Matrix or Disables.

Sci Lt: If you go with Omega 1, Drop PH 1 for HE 1

Fourth: I'd add in a better Engine and Deflector then the Jem Engine and the Random Deflector, perhaps an Omega Engine + Omega Deflector.

And finally, again, you have way too many Z-store consoles. I'd probobly Drop at least the Worker Bees and the Escort (Let's face it I'd drop all the Consoles for someting better..*shrug*) Maybe work in some Resist consoles. If you go with 2 Peices of Omega, fill up the Sci Consoles with Flow Capaciters to bolster Tetryon Glider.

Just my 2 EC on this..Thread.
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