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What is it that causes the game to become...worse I guess as you break into 40+ for you?
- Number of boff abilities available?
- Pace of combat?
- Wide range of good gear vs great gear?
- Change in enemy types/stories?
- Something I didn't list?

And what could be done to extend the sweet spot for you?

(from my ker'ret perspective)
What made it worse?
Afkers, Less incentive to play it (no dilithium means i need to go elsewhere),

As for the endgame stuff what is it that puts me off a bit?
Borg. I've killed enough borg getting MKXII sets to be considered Genocidal. Seriously I would love to see the 10s of thousands of borg I've killed if the accolade counter kept increasing.
Another reason ties into why i hate pvp most of the time, you get either complete tanks you cant beat who cross heal (yeah they are good players, but when both sides do it, the match grinds to a standstill.) Or you get to the point where you have people who can kill most people in a single volley. (this is more down to the kind of people who build everything so precisely that their traits and race are planned, its just so pathetic c.c)

What could extend the sweetspot?
Bring new life to Ker'ret, award people with dilithium for who took part in winning the mission, people who want to sit at the start and afk, give them nothing and some kind of ban from ker'ret for a while, people who want to just pvp leave them to it, but no dilithium for them.